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A short story about kenshot

Way back in 2020, I came up with the idea of developing my own screenshot application because that time, I was working remotely and taking screenshots is really useful to explain a specific scenario, and I also see a lot of people in the programming community taking pictures on their codes with their phones instead of taking a screenshot on computer screen. That's why I started my own app that can capture the screen and can also put annotations to explain further if necessary. I know this kind of application is already existing online, but why not give it a try? This will also improve my programming skill and also a great benefit to other people.


My Mission

My mission is simple: to help other people take screenshots on their computers easily. I know that screenshots can be a valuable tool for communication, but they can also be frustrating to take a screenshot and put some annotations. I want to make it easy for everyone to take screenshots, so they can communicate their ideas more effectively.